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Venues 2019:  

Cincinnati Art Museum Fath Auditorium  (Free Parking), 953 Eden Park Dr, Cincinnati 45202

Esquire Theater, Ludlow ( Free Parking with Validation), 320 Ludlow Ave,Cincinnati 45220

Mariemont Theatre ( Free Parking), 6906 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati OH 45227

Kenwood Theatre ( Free Parking), 7815 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati 45236

Freedom Center, 50E Freedom Way,Cincinnati. 45202

Main Street Cinema, 2701 Bearcat Way, Cincinnati 45221


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Synopsis: A BAFTA-winning film about a father, Lalit Verma, trying to marry off his daughter, Aditi, in the traditional manner. Aditi is having second thoughts, while her cousin Ayesha Verma, 17, is just beginning to realize she's attractive to boys, and her other cousin, Ria, has a shocking revelation ready. Her brother, however, just wants to dance.

September 06, 2019

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This bold new work from directors Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam is a tale of tragedy, retribution, and courage. Shifting between a present-day struggle to overcome trauma and flashbacks to a harrowing trek through the Himalayas, The Sweet Requiem offers an unforgettable reflection on the refugee crisis in a part of the world too rarely reported on.Dolkar (Tenzin Dolker) is a 26-year-old living in exile in Delhi. An unexpected encounter with a figure from her past sets off a flurry of memories she had long repressed regarding the journey that brought her here. Dolkar was only eight when she and her father left their Tibetan home in a desperate attempt to start anew in a safer land. As memories of what became a disastrous expedition take shape, Dolkar resolves to confront the man she believes responsible.

The Sweet Requiem authentically captures the life-and-death stakes of the real-life escape across the border on which it was based, but the film's deeper insights emerge from the complex and shifting allegiances Dolkar must navigate in exile. Sarin and Sonam, who is the child of Tibetan refugees, draw on their knowledge and perspective to take us inside that experience. This latest work is their most powerful and compassionate yet, contending with the sinister shadows of the past while envisioning a better future.


SHORT FILM COLLECTION 1, 11:00 AM, Saturday ,September 7, Esquire Theatre

September 07, 2019

Collection of Award Winning Short films.  Meet the Directors, discuss the films at the theater.

SHORT FILM COLLECTION 2, 2PM, Saturday, September 7, Esquire Theatre

September 07, 2019

Collection of Award Winning Short films.  Meet the Directors, discuss the films at the theater.

SHORT FILM MENAGERIE , 4:00 PM, Saturday, 7th Sept 2019 at The Main Street Cinema Univ of Cincinnati

September 07, 2019

Melangerie of Award Winning Short films.  Meet the Directors, discuss the films at the theater.

Students Admitted free with ID

Supported by UC office of Diversity and Inclusion

I AM MARY KUTTY 7:30 PM, Saturday, 7th Sept 2019 at Esquire Theatre

September 07, 2019

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Synopsis : A transsexual man's attempt to realize his true orientation in a society that stigmatizes gender transformation. Will Marykutty come out victorious while shredding all the taboos associated with transsexuality and achieve her dream of becoming a police officer?

SHORT FILM COLLECTION 3, 11 AM, Sunday, 8th Sept 2019 at Esquire Theatre

September 08, 2019

Collection of Award Winning Short films.  Meet the Directors, discuss the films at the theater.

September 08, 2019

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SHALOM BOLLYWOOD reveals the unlikely story of the 2000-year-old Indian Jewish community and its formative place in shaping the world's largest film industry.

Who knew that Jewish actresses dominated Indian movies for the first decades of its 100-year history? In Shalom Bollywood: The Untold Story of Indian Cinema, Danny Ben-Moshe tells the story of four extraordinary female superstars — Sulochana, Pramila, Miss Rose and Nadira — as well as popular character actor David Abraham, in a lively, audience-friendly documentary that can be over-obvious and coy at times, but is full of surprises. Following its world premiere at Mumbai, it is already booked for command performances at Indian and Jewish-themed festivals worldwide.    


Synopsis: Many decades after the war, Berek Kaufman, a Holocaust survivor and a renown painter faces the terrors of his past. Which torn opens the decade-old wound, ultimately making him realize just how fragile life is.



Teary Sword Synopsis: Desperate to find his daughter's killer, a poor farmer from a drought stricken south Indian village embarks on a journey

Drifter: Synopsis:An young man wakes up to a nightmare, in which he finds a stranger with a mysterious background following him. What follows will keep you guessing!

NOBLEMEN, 5:00 PM, Sunday, 8th Sept 2019 at Esquire Theatre

September 08, 2019

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Synopsis: It is winter in a prestigious all boys' boarding school, where children continue to practice age-old rituals and codes bound by years of hierarchy. Shay is picked on constantly, the main perpetrators being Arjun, the tall athletic sports captain, and his best friend Baadal. Shay and Pia, the spunky daughter of the new Junior School Principal are cast as Bassanio and Portia in the Founder's Day production of Merchant of Venice. Murali, the charismatic drama teacher unknowingly adds salt to Baadal's wounds by casting him as Shay's understudy. Indignant, Baadal vows to get Shay's part at any cost and turns to his buddy Arjun for help. Events take a sinister turn when Shay walks in on Arjun, Baadal, and their cronies on a debauched night.

KD, 7:30 PM, Sunday, 8th Sept 2019 at Esquire Theatre

September 08, 2019

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Synopsis: Karuppudurai, an 80-year-old man, bedridden for the past three months in a coma, suddenly wakes up one fine day to overhear his family planning to kill him by performing an ancient euthanasia ritual. Hurt, heartbroken and afraid, Karuppudurai runs away from the only home he has ever known. On an aimless path with nowhere to go, he accidentally meets a 10-year-old orphan Kutty. Kutty is everything Karuppudurai isn’t; smart, spunky and full of life. The fiercely independent Kutty encourages KD to chalk out a bucket list and start living for himself. Thus begins an eventful road trip of this unlikely pair - an old man running away from his family and a young boy who never had one!

September 09, 2019

Synopsis: Pyari means beloved. Vardaniya is the story of Pyari who did not know love. She was considered a curse when she was born, not a vardaan (boon). Rejected by her father and her other family members at birth by throwing her off by the side of the river, Pyari survives only because of her mother. You can never keep a strong and innovate person like Pyari down, although Pyari faces ridicule at school and is ostracized by her neighbours, she comes out on top galvanizing support for gender equality.

KOLKATAY KOHINOOR, 7PM Tuesday, 10th Sept 2019 at Kenwood Theatre

September 10, 2019

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Synopsis-  Is the Kohinoor we know truly the Babur’s stone? The hard facts of past strongly raises this question. What if the original Babur’s stone is in our city of joy? Dr Sayan who happens to be a Freemason ( Member of one of world’s oldest secret society) is assigned to hand over two gifts , a box of wisdom and box of wealth to young Avantika on her 18th birthday. The historical crevice in the form of treasures are left behind by the Late renowned archaeologist Prof Tapash Sarker for his granddaughter to unearth.  Boarding a train on his way back, Dr.Sayan happens to meet his co passenger Anindya and the story takes many interesting twists and turns.

September 11, 2019

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Synopsis:A film crew led by a hit Bollywood director arrives in a remote himalayan village to shoot a song and dance sequence. Soon they find themselves cut off from the outside world after torrential downpours and landslides and forced to go through some intense and unforgettable experiences. How those eventful days under siege, affect the thoughts and priorities of the filmmaker, forms the central theme of the film.

TASHI, 7:00 PM 12th Sept ,Thursday2019 at Esquire Theatre

September 12, 2019

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Synopsis: This is the story of beautifully flawed humans in a family and their step forward in their journey of self-discovery. It is the story of elderly Vandana's strength as she fights a critical illness. Of her daughter Radhika's commitment to take care of her. Of her son Sanjay's sensitivity and desire to fix what he broke. Of Ved, a stranger who finds refuge with this family to weather an emotional storm. And of Priya, the selfless and giving domestic help. It’s a story of beautifully flawed humans and a step forward in their journey of self-discovery.

ONE LITTLE FINGER, 7PM. Friday, 13th Sept 2019 at Esquire Theatre

September 13, 2019

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Synopsis: Raina, an American neurologist, uproots her life to research music therapy in India, and finds herself teaching children and adults with disabilities. By bringing them together through music and inspiring them to challenge themselves through their abilities, their lives are transformed.

Den and Angel, though they are disabled, want to contribute towards the betterment of society by overcoming their physical challenges. As they come of age, they must learn to cope with abuse and bullying. Their lives intersect with Raina, who is struggling to further her research.

Raina’s philosophy and life changes while she is in India, where she is touched by the beauty of the culture and the stories of children with disabilities. Through her experience, she understands that balance of mind, body, and soul are vital in realizing the true value of life. Disability is a perception; ability is what we believe.  Review

SHORT FILM COLLECTION 4,11:00 AM Saturday, 14th Sept 2019 at Esquire Theatre

September 14, 2019

JHALKI, 2:00 PM, Saturday, 14th Sept 2019 at Freedom Theatre

September 14, 2019

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Jhalki is a lyrical story of lost childhood, against the powerful backdrop of child slavery and human trafficking.

It is a heart-rending but inspiring story of a nine-year old street-smart girl, Jhalki, in search of her seven-year old brother, Babu, who is suddenly thrown into an inhuman world of child labour with no respite from a terminally gloomy, dark and depressing workplace.

Armed with an intimate folk tale of a tireless sparrow, her own ingenious efforts and her charming presence of mind, Jhalki manages her search and eventually frees her brother, along with thousands of other enslaved children caught in this insidious practice, affecting over 150 million children worldwide.

September 14, 2019

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Synopsis: Amid the backdrop of the Kashmiri conflict, a young woman must come to grips with the disappearance of her doting husband and embarks on harrowing journey of self-discovery.

CLOSING FILM SIR 7:30 PM, Saturday,14th Sept 2019 at Esquire Theatre, cocktails, 7:00PM, Film 7:30 PM

September 14, 2019

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Ratna works as a domestic live-in help with Ashwin, a man from a wealthy family. Although Ashwin seems to have it all, he seems to have given up on his dreams, while Ratna is full of hope and works determinedly towards her dream. As these two worlds collide and the two individuals connect, the barriers between them seem insurmountable.

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