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News​ 2013

New ideas lead to better health for premature babies


Nov.2013. Dr Vivek Narendran just launched is a new innovative clinical study evaluating the effectiveness of a chest splint to treat respiratory disease in pre term infants from low resource communities. In November of 2013 Dr Narendran visited JSS together with the inventor of the chest splint Prof Charles Palmer from Hershey University. Together they trained JSS neonatologists in the proceedure. Dr Narendran is due to visit again this year to monitor progress.

UC students visit Mysore


March  2013.  21 UC students visit Mysore as part of an interdisciplinary UC Forward course "Transforming Lives" ed by Drs. Kamath and Apana. Our Youth Ambassadors, were treated to an exclusive visit of the Mysore Palace. They learnt abot the rich diversity and history of Mysore.

Signing of the MOU with JSS in Mysore



​Feb .2013. Drs. Suhas Kallapur and Dr Pradeep Bekal made visits as our first mbassadors to Mysore to JSS Institute and medical college, meeting with our Mysore committee member Madhuri Tatachari, and the President of the institution.

Following this, Drs Vivek Narendran, Pradeep Bekal and Pankaj Desai visited JSS college to set up the Sister City MOU for further collabarative work.


Cincinnati Sister City Doctors have given generously of their time. Dr Pradeep Bekal made generous donations to the Mysore Relief Fund. 





Ideas from Mysore help with STEM education

Jan 2013. Dr. Pat Niskode visited Mysore for discussions with commissioner Ravi on Education and Waste management. Following his visit, Drs Kamath, Apana and Niskode, met with the principals of Walnut Hlls high school and Summit Country Day to arrange exchange programs both of ideas and students.


We hope to emmulate the science park built on the school premises in Kautaliya Vidyalaya school at Mysore, here in Evanston Cincinnati, next to the Walnut Hills school. Talks are underway.

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