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L-R:  Dr. Pat Niskode, Asst Director of Indian Film Festival.  Dr. Ratee Apana, Founder and Exec Director of the Indian Film Festival. 

Dr. Kanniks  Kannikeshwaran,  Producer and Director of “Colonial Inerlude” Best Short Documentary.   Menaka Apana, Actress “Shenanigans”  Best Short Comedy.  Lulu Valencia, Producer and Director of Shenanigans Best Short Comedy.  Mayor Aftab Purewal, Mayor of Cincinnati. 

Mayank Deogaonkar, Director “Butterscotch “ Best Short Drama. Leslie Shampaine, Director , Opening Film “Call me Dancer”   Best Director Award. 

Rohan Bopanna, Indian Doubles Tennis Champion.  Therese Moncrief , Producer “Bully High” Special Screening Award For film of High Impact.

Ohio Immersed itself  in a mesmerizing celebration of cinema as the Indian Film Festival unfolded in Cincinnati from August 17th to the 20th.Thank you for attending the Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati.          

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August 17 - 20, 2023

Awards for our exciting lineup of films 

We thank all, who have helped put this festival together. Without your help we could not do this. You all know who you are.  You may have helped us put up a poster, placed social media posts, connected us to networks, provided us with food, made those drives for us, hosted happy hours, made crucial connections and so much more, all of which contribute to this festival. There are too many of us to list individually and we do not want to leave out any names. We promise to do a better job next year


Engaging Diversity Through Film

Thank you to the participants of the 2023 Indian Film Festival

Best Film:  Max, Min and Meowzaki by N. Padmakumar
Best Director: Leslie Shampaine  for Call me Dancer 
Best Actor: Shefali Shah in  Three of Us
Best Actor: Adil Hussain in Footprints on water

Best Short film Documentary: Colonial Interlude by Kanniks Kannikeswaran
Best Director Short Film Documentary: Anand Kamalakar for Colonel Kalsi                                      
Best Film Short Drama: Butterscotch by Mayank 
Best Film Short Comedy: Shenanigans by Lulu Valencia

Films of Impact 
Short Documentary: Challenge
Special Screening: Therese Moncrief for Bully High by Bill McAdams

FCCI (Film Critics Circle of India) SPECIAL MENTION  Best Debut Director-
 Nathalia Syam- Foot Prints on Water
House of Illusions Award
for BEST FILM  by a Woman Director-  Nathalia SyamFootprints on Water
House of Illusions
SPECIAL MENTION  for Film by Woman Director -Nisha Pahuja - To Kill A Tiger
                           SPECIAL MENTION for Best Actress Zoya Hussain - Bad Egg.

Press Release:  Spectacular attendance at the 7th Annual Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati.  The curtains rose on the highly anticipated 7th Annual Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati, captivating attendees with an unforgettable inauguration. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Cincinnati's Mayor, who, along with the celebrated Masters doubles champion, Rohan Bopanna, added an aura of prestige as they bestowed awards upon the deserving victors of the Annual Film festival. The event unfolded at the Cincinnati Art Museum, a fitting backdrop that lent an air of elegance and culture to the occasion. The venue was abuzz with attendees, nearly every seat occupied, a testament to the festival's immense popularity and the indomitable spirit of cinema enthusiasts.

The atmosphere inside the venue was electric, with the palpable buzz of excitement reverberating through every corner. As the director and lead actor of the featured film took center stage for an engaging Q&A session, the audience's enthusiasm reached new heights.

As the festival continued its cinematic journey, attendees took in more captivating screenings, insightful discussions, and memorable interactions with the creative minds behind the showcased films. The 7th Annual Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati kept its promise to be a celebration of art, culture, and the magic of storytelling. We were overwhelmed by the strong show of support not only at the opening night but at each of the screenings said Executive Director of the festival, Ratee Apana.

Cincinnati's Culinary Legacy Took Center Stage at Exclusive Film Premiere After-Party. Following the captivating film screening and discussion of the Opening Film “Call me Dancer” by Leslie Shampaine, attendees at the Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati were treated to a sophisticated culinary experience at the renowned Le Bar à Boeuf. Against the backdrop of the Queen City’s skyscape, our guests embraced the opportunity to deepen their connection with Cincinnati and indulge in the rich culinary heritage of maestro, Jean Robert de Cavel.

Created by the South Asian  migration around the world, these films tell multi-generational stories across various cultures, genders, countries and religions.  The films cover diverse languages, including English, that reflected the subcontinent and its migrant population. All films were subtitled in English and some were made right here in the US. . Ratee Apana, Founding Executive Director of IFFCincy states, “Cincinnati plays host to an incredible world-class cinema in the heart of its vibrant and developing downtown district. We were thrilled at the opportunity to have our festival in theatres and to share the passions and work of our global film makers through films that cover a range of human experiences and conditions which will resonate with all communities. The festival  has received wide media attention at home as well as internationally”.

Thank you all, media and audiences for your support and we hope you have a wonderful year ahead

IFFCINCY 2023 Brochure
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