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17 Aug, 7:30pm, Mariemont Theatre, Wooster Pike.

Three of Us - Director: Avinash Arun - 98 mins

Subtitles in English.

"Three of Us" is a touching relationship drama set in the stunning Konkan region of Maharashtra. Shefali Shah, Jaideep Ahlawat, and Swanand Kirkire deliver powerful performances as they lead us through a story centered on Shailaja, who grapples with early signs of dementia. Together with her husband and childhood sweetheart, she embarks on a transformative journey to relive cherished memories before they fade away. Along the Konkan coastline, Shailaja confronts ghosts from her past, the monotony of her married life, and the uncertainties of her future. Witness her path to self-discovery, forgiveness, and personal liberation during this evocative trip. "Three of Us" is an introspective and soul-stirring exploration of human relationships, resilience, and the power of confronting one's past to find solace in the present and hope for the future.


18 Aug, 6:00pm, Cincinnati Art Museum, Eden Park.

Call Me Dancer - Director/Producer: Leslie Shampaine - 84 mins

English language film.

Manish, a gifted Mumbai street dancer, faces a familial conflict as his parents push him towarda traditional path to support them.A serendipitous encounter in an inner-city dance school introduces him to Yehuda, a 70-year-old Israeli ballet instructor, igniting a newfound desire. With a fierce determination to succeed, Manish battles the odds in his quest to become a professional dancer.


19 Aug,11am, Mariemont Theatre, Wooster Pike.

Bully High- Director/Writer: Bill McAdams Jr -94 mins.

English language film.

A Muslim High School girl is bullied for wearing a Hijab. 94 mins.


19 Aug, 1:35pm, Mariemont Theatre, Wooster Pike.

Bad Egg - Director/writer: Mehak Jamal - 28 mins.

English language film.

"Zoya" unfolds with a chilling phone call: Zoya's mother informs her that her sister, Zara, has disappeared amid the pandemic. Strangely, Zoya's reaction is far from the expected shock. Concealing a secret, her demeanor is enigmatic, tracing back to a pivotal party night. As the film progresses, Zoya's interactions with her environment appear to undergo a recalibration. The narrative gradually peels away layers, unveiling not just the story's twists but also Zoya's own transformation. A tale where surface impressions hide the underlying truth, "Zoya" is a journey through deception and revelation.

Shenanigans - Director: Lulu Valencia - 7mins

English language film.

Sherika, a no nonsense prosecutor, is on her way to court for a sentencing. She’s going to ask for the maximum sentence. Anything to get promoted and look good in the office. She orders an Uber and in the ride, she’s rude and condescending to the polite and sweet driver.  Things go sideways when the Uber driver picks up 2 friends and her cousin in the middle of the ride, pissing off Sherika with unexpected shenanigans.

Butterscotch - Director: Mayank Deogaonkar - 14 min

English language film.

"Butterscotch" narrates a tale of acceptance through the experiences of Dr. Maya Sharma, a single mother and physician. Maya envisions a predetermined path for her daughter, Dia Sharma, involving medical school and mirroring her own profession.  An unexpected acceptance letter from an art school addressed to Dia sparks a confrontation between them, revealing Dia's frustrations with her mother's controlling nature. After the heated argument, Maya introspects and realizes that her controlling behavior stemmed from her own insecurities. To bridge the gap with her daughter, Maya decides to loosen her grip and allow Dia to follow her passions. Apologizing, Maya and Dia mend their relationship, celebrating by sharing a pint of butterscotch ice cream during their customary movie night.

Birha – The Journey Back Home- Director: Puneet Prakash - 24 mins

Subtitles in English.

Following its successful recognition at the New York Indian Film Festival and Los Angeles Film Awards, the film "Birha – The Journey Back Home," featuring Rajit Kapoor, Manav Vij, and Sahil Mehta, has achieved another milestone by being chosen for 'The Ottawa Indian Film Festival Awards.’ Birha is a Punjabi short film that unfolds a poignant tale of a family torn apart by the excessive aspirations of a young child. Set in the backdrop of Punjab, the film sheds light on the tragic fate of a family shattered by the allure of the West, reflecting a prevalent issue in the state.

19 Aug, 4:00pm, Mariemont Theatre, Wooster Pike.

Footprints On Water - Director Nathalia Syam - 106 mins

English language film.

Nathalia Syam and her sister Neetha Syam, immigrants to the UK themselves, deeply understood the feeling of displacement that comes with the immigrant experience. Over time, they became acutely aware of the challenges faced by illegal immigrants – a group often overlooked, whose identities remained absent from official records, making them vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers. In response, the sisters recognized the urgency to shed light on the struggles of these invisible workers and initiate discussions around their predicaments.

19 Aug, 7:30pm, Kenwood City Base Theatre.

To Kill a Tiger-Director/writer: Nisha Pahuja -125 mins

Subtitles in English.

Ranjit, an Indian farmer, undertakes a momentous battle as he seeks justice for his 13-year-old daughter, who has become a victim of a harrowing gang rape. His determination to stand by his daughter's side and fight for her rights goes against the norm, setting his journey apart as a groundbreaking and unprecedented endeavor.



20 Aug, 1:00pm, Mariemont Theatre, Wooster Pike.

Challenge - Director: Ramen Borah and Sibanu Bora - 36min

Subtitles in English.

The documentary "Challenge," co-directed by Ramen Borah and Sibanu Borah, depicts a compelling narrative that commences with the birth of a special child into a poverty-stricken family. The film explores the distinct qualities of the child and the societal misconceptions surrounding both the child and the family. As the story unfolds, it follows the journey of an empowered woman, painting a moving picture of struggle and eventual victory.

Two Worlds - Director: Nithya Gopalakrishnan - 12 mins

Subtitles in English.

Amidst the bustling streets of Chennai, a recent graduate buried in debt answers a call on a sunny morning. Promising to arrive within 15 minutes, he sets off on his motorcycle, navigating the congested traffic, even jeopardizing his safety.


Unsuitable – Director/cinematographer/editor: Kaustuv Mukherjee - 15 mins

English language film.

A satirical narrative of a young second generation Indian American's surreal fight against societal conformism.

Vishappu - Director: Sunish Sasidharan - 7 min
Subtitles in English.
The short film Vishappu delves into the primal instinct of hunger that all living beings share. It examines the diverse ways in which individuals relate to hunger, shaped by their unique life experiences. The film aims to explore the multifaceted perception of hunger across different generations.

Rat in the Kitchen -Director: Arkish Aftab-22 mins.

22 Mins. Hindi and English Language Film with Subtitles in English

Synopsis: After a bitter separation from his wife, Vikram starts to live alone, which makes him spiral into a life of loneliness, negligence, and alcoholism. He begins to notice that his food is going missing, and his kitchen is ransacked every time he comes home. Thinking he has a rat problem; he installs CCTV cameras around his house. But what he uncovers instead, is far more bizarre and macabre.


20 Aug, 3:15pm, Mariemont Theatre, Wooster Pike.

Max Min & Meowzaki – Director: Padmakumar Narasimhamurthy - 135 mins

English language film with closed captioning.

Max and Min are ending their relationship, causing uncertainty about the future of their beloved cat Meowzaki. Amidst the challenges of their breakup, both Max and Min embark on distinct yet impactful paths. This heartwarming drama, directed by N. Padmakumar (known for "A Billion Colour Story"), captivates romantics and premiered successfully at the Busan International Film Festival.


20 Aug, 6:30pm, Mariemont Theatre, Wooster Pike

Colonel Kalsi - Director/editor:  Anand Kamalakar -39 mins

English language film.

"Colonel Kalsi" is a documentary that chronicles the inspiring journey of Kamaljeet Kalsi, an American Sikh army officer, as he navigates the challenges of upholding his principles while serving his nation with integrity. Raised in a family of military heritage, with a father in the Indian air force and a grandfather in the British Army, Kalsi held an unwavering desire to join the US army. Despite his willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for his adopted country, he remained steadfast in preserving his religious identity as a Sikh, refusing to compromise on his beliefs. This documentary delves into his remarkable story of resilience and determination.


Colonial Interlude - Director: Kanniks Kannikeswaran -37 mins

English language film.

The film unravels the enthralling story of Muthuswami Dikshitar, a southern Indian composer from the late 18th century, who ingeniously combined colonial tunes introduced by the British East India Company with his Sanskrit lyrics. Director and composer Kanniks Kannikeswaran, based in Cincinnati, guides viewers through Dikshitar's musical odyssey, exploring his compositions at various sacred sites. The film illuminates the contrast between traditional raga-based works and the nottuswara sahityas – songs featuring Sanskrit lyrics set to Western melodies. Through stunning visuals of sacred sites, festivals, and interviews with local folk performers, the documentary showcases the evolution of European melodies in India and the USA. Supported in part by the Ohio Arts Council.

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