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Short Film Collections Four Shows.

Short Collection 2

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11 Nov, 10 AM, Cincinnati Art Museum


Director: Neha Sharma

Language: Hindi
Running Time: 00:17.03
Synopsis: When Vibha conceives, she has a burning desire to approach the Indian Prime Minister to name her child.


Director: Uttera Singh
Language: English
Running Time: 00:10:04
Synopsis: Daughter leaves for New York and her Dad insists on going with her in this hilarious movie.


Director: Sulaganna Ghosh
Language: Bengali
Running Time: 00:15:11
Synopsis: A letter that arrives turns the life  of a young lady upside down.


Director: Kirti Singh
Language: Hindi
Running Time: 00:10:13
Synopsis: In rural Western Uttar Pradesh, India, a family tries to kill their daughter in law unaware there is a witness to their deeds.


Director: Shreecheta Das

Director: Shreecheta Das
Language: Bengali
Running Time: 00:11:00
Synopsis: An adoptive parent looks forward to her baby and discovers herself.


Director: Payal Sethi
Language: Urdu
Running Time: 00:26:54
Synopsis: In the chaotic old city of Hyderabad, 16-year old Raisa hatches a dangerous & improbable plan.

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