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Engage diversity through film
Building inclusive communities



Film Festival Brochure 2019


Festival Passes

Buy here 

Questions? Please email or call us at 513-886-5817.


Head over to our film guide 

In the film guide, look over the films, click on the list view 

or simply click on the film.

Read about the  films, sort them by categories, watch the trailers.

Sign up for the industry panels

We have exciting industry panels for you and the film makers

Get ready to watch

Look through our virtual catalog and buy your tickets.

Unlock your tickets  only when festival starts and the film is available to you for the duration of the festival.

Start watching the film and the film is available for 36 hours. You can pause and return, Single viewing only.

Pass holders do not have to reserve seats.

You get priority booking.

Festival dates: August 5 -August 21

Thanks to all our Sponsors!

Indian Film Festival sponsors choose to partner with us for more than just return on investment considerations; they strongly believe in our mission to use the power of film, art and ideas to inspire audiences to create inclusive communities and a better world.

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