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One of the primary purposes of the Mysore Sister City Association Committee is to assist in building business to business contacts between Cincinnati and Mysore in manufacturing, medicine and commerce. The Association will work closely with the Economic Development Department of the city of Cincinnati, as well as the Chamber of Commerce in both cities, the Indian American Chambers of Commerce; and the States of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Karnataka.


Mysore has been home to traditional industries such as silks, sandal soaps, weaving, sandalwood carving, bronze work, and the production of lime and salt, and to more modern industries such as  motor cycles, tyres, auto parts, and IT software. The All India Radio (AIR), the premier radio broadcasting arm of the Government of India was pioneered in Mysore.


Today, Mysore is the third largest software exporter in the state of Karnataka, next to Bangalore and Mangalore. The city is well connected to other parts of India by railways, roadways and by air. Mysore has the potential for large OEMs and is home to many large and small suppliers to the auto industry.  In a survey conducted in 2001 by Business Today, Mysore was ranked the 5th best city in India in which to conduct business.  Since then, Information Technology (IT) companies have created extensive bases in Mysore.


In the fiscal year 2007-2008 the city contributed US$220 million to Karnataka's IT exports.

Infosys has established one of the largest technical training centers in the world adding new techno-architecture to the heritage landscape of Mysore.  Wipro has established its Global Service Management Center (GSMC) at Mysore. In addition, there are numerous non-IT related businesses and services.


Mysore has emerged as the hub of the tourism industry in Karnataka, attracting about 3 million tourists in 2010 to witness and experience it's magnificient heritage and the beautiful surrounding areas of Mysore, rich in ancient history and unique in its flora and fauna.

Economic Development

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