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August 17 - 20, 2023

Cincinnati Art Museum

Mariemont Theatre

Engaging Diversity Through Film

Welcome to the 2023 Indian Film Festival

Mark your calendars for our exciting lineup of films

The highly anticipated Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati 2023 returns from

August 17th to 20th at the prestigious Cincinnati Art Museum and Mariemont Theatres.

This festival will showcase an exquisite selection of independent international South Asian films, alongside captivating works from talented US filmmakers.

Join us for Opening Night

Experience the Magic of Cinema at the Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati!

Join us for the OPENING NIGHT.

Enjoy delicious lite bites,

international celebrities, red carpet, great cinema, discussions and

after-party cheer!


 IFFCincy is dedicated to both entertaining and making a meaningful impact in Cincinnati.

 When you purchase tickets, a portion of the net proceeds will go towards providing need-based scholarships for Cincinnati Public High School students. These scholarships enable their participation in the esteemed Cincinnati Sister Cities Youth Ambassador Program focused on India.

 By supporting the festival, you play a vital role in empowering young minds and nurturing cultural understanding. Your contribution fosters an environment

of growth and appreciation, creating opportunities for these students to become global ambassadors of cultural exchange.

Support Local Filmmakers

IFFCincy extends a warm invitation to Ohio filmmakers to submit their exceptional works, embracing the spirit of diversity and inclusion.


In the spirit of celebrating the local talent and creativity, this year's festival aims to shine a spotlight on the contributions of these filmmakers to the art of storytelling. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase their unique perspectives and narratives, adding depth and richness to the cinematic tapestry of the festival. Join us as we honor and celebrate the remarkable talents of Ohio filmmakers at IFFCincy.

Get Involved

We actively seek volunteers to join our team and lend their valuable support. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to engage in a diverse range of exciting roles,

each contributing to the creation of an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

From extending warm greetings to our esteemed

guests, to assisting with ticketing and ushering,

your role as a volunteer is pivotal in ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Behind the scenes, you'll be part of providing essential support to filmmakers

and industry professionals, ensuring their needs are met and their experience

is enhanced. Join us and be an integral part of this incredible journey in creating

a memorable and enriching event for all.

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Engaging Diversity Through Film

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