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Chair  Ratee Apana, 

Executive & Artistic Director


Director  Dr. Pat Niskode


FESTIVAL ADVISORS                
Uma da Cunha

Aseem Chhabra

Christopher Dalton

Indu Tandon

Kalpa Shah Maniar

Kumkum Amin

Pulin Kinkhabwala

Diana Maria Lara

Rajan Kamath




Film Critics Circle of India (FCCI) Jury

Deepa Gahlot

Johnson Thomas

Utpal Dutta

House of Illusions Jury

Ratan Sil Sarma

Ratnottama Sengupta

Vijay Sharma  


Press & Communication - Diana Maria Lara

Social Media  - Kalpa Shah Maniar

Mail Chimp Communication - Alec Fields

Design - Ratee Apana

Brochure - Ratee Apana, Vidisha Patni, Pulin Kinkabhwalla, Kalpa Shah Maniar

Sponsorships - Pooja Soni

Technology - Jay Sinnard

Festival Promotion - Haroon Khan and Anita Suares

Hospitality- Thuy Pham, Annie D’Lima

Volunteer Team

Clara Matonhodze 

Linda Averbeck 

Debi Kaur

Vijaya S’navar Patil

Anita Raturi

Theresa Bird


Sister City Advisory Council

Jin Kong, Legal Counsel

Ratee Apana, President,

Executive Director

Pat Niskode, Vice-President,

Program Director 


Sister City Charter Board

Pradeep Bekal

Nav Grandhi

Koti Shree Krishna

Vivek Narendra

Pat Niskode

Ratee Apana

We thank everyone who has helped us put this festival together. Without your help we could not do this. You all know who you are.  You may have helped us put up a poster, placed social media posts, connected us to networks, provided us with food, made those drives for us, hosted happy hours, made crucial connections and so much more, all of which contribute to this festival. There are too many of us to list individually and we do not want to leave out any names. We promise to do a better job next year


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