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Membership fee $15
Student: $10
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Why do I need to be a member.

So you will hear from us on a regular basis.

Sister Cities is a non profit t 501C3 organization manned by volunteers with no paid staff.   Please sign up to volunteer your services so we may serve the community better.

Our programs: (Members get priority.or discounts)


Cincinnati Freedom Kite Festival Aug 15

Cincinnati Yoga Day First Saturday in October

Indian Film Festival of India Nov 12-13

Indian Dance Festival April 29.

High school program ( Youth Ambassador) to India in Summer  June 1 -15

Art and Culture programs for Adults  Dec 4- 18


Helping Pratham, Mysore receive grants from P&G. Pratham developed 800 government schools primarily in rural locations in Karnataka.  

Membership benefits:
      Joint economic trade projects
      Business development programs
      Professional and technical exchanges
      University and high school exchanges  The Youth Ambassador Program.
      Exchanges of music, sports , dance troupes, yoga clubs, bands, art and films, Theater, History
      Host groups from Mysore
      Share news and information about local events, regional organizations and Businesses
      Meet new people and develop friendships
      Cultural and social events
      Newsletter (future)

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