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Short Film Collections Four Shows.

Short Collection 1

11 Nov, 1PM, Cincinnati Art Museum

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Director: Manjari Makijany
Language: English
Running Time: 00:09:58
Synopsis:  Synopsis: A suicide bomber struggles with his decision on a crowded subway


Director: Uttera Singh
Language: English
Running Time: 00:10:04
Synopsis: Daughter leaves for New York and her Dad insists on going with her in this hilarious movie.

Director: D. Bose

Language: Bengali
Running Time: 00:23:02
Synopsis: A revelation when a man is offered refuge for the night.



Director: Amar Kaushik
Language: Aptani
Running Time: 00:21:00
Synopsis: Story of an orphan girl and her grandfather who was just diagnosed with lung disease. Set in Arunachal Pradesh.


Director: Faraz Arif Ansari
Language: Silent
Running Time: 00:15:20

Synopsis: Two strangers are drawn to each other on their daily commute.


Director: Prateek Sapra
Language: Hindi
Running Time: 00:11:00
Synopsis: Mumbai Money, Bollywood and the Underworld.The city has changed a lot over the decades... so has it's underbelly.
Much like the corporate firms which have taken over the city since the turn of the millennium, the underworld has also become more organized, more rooted.

Journey into the world of this new-age syndicate through the eyes of one of its mercenaries.

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