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Performing Arts

Mysore is rich in performig arts traditions. It is home to Carnatic music fostered under the patronage of the rulers of the Vijayanagar Empire and the Wodeyars.

Several art forms still prevail:

Veeragase is a vigorous dance form, based on Hindu mythology and involves very intense dance movements


Togalu Gombeyaata is a shadow puppet art form unique to the state of Karnataka, India. Togalu Gombeyaata brings to life, stories through the play of leather dolls, in the kannada language.


Gaarudi Gombe is a local folk dance. In this art form dancers adorn themselves with giant doll suits made of bamboo sticks. Gaarudi Gombe means magical doll in Kannada. This dance is performed during major festivals and in the procession held during the festivities of Mysore Dasara.


Yakshagana is a dance drama performed throughout the night, usually after the winter crop has been harvested. This unique and mesmerizing dance form blends dance, song, scholarly dialogues and colorful costumes.



The Mysore Sister City Association of Greater Cincinnati promotes art exchanges between Cincinnati and Mysore. We hope to have the first art exchange program begin in 2015 between the CAVA in Mysore and the Art Academy of Cincinnati. We intend to make this an exchange of ideas through art every two years.We would like to promote art exchanges between middle and high school students in the two cities. For more information please contact us

Education: Community


Cincinnati offers many opportunities to learn about Indian art and techniques. Renowned Indian artists such as Radha Chandrashekar have organized many exhibitions of Indian art in the various galleries in the city.
For information on classes in the art of henna, Rangoli (floor decor), painting in the Mysore style and Indian jewellery making, please contact us.

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