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Education: Youth Ambassador


Long lasting friendships, deeper understanding and appreciation for our respective cultures are the bonds that connect our cities and make us one. The India Sister City offers many exciting opportunities for young minds to experience other cultures around the globe. In the Youth Ambassador Program, students travel to Mysore and other cities and experience the history, language, food, culture, arts and daily activities of the cities they visit. Five groups of University and High school students from Cincinnati have visited Mysore City.

Education: University Students


The city has excellent universities and offers great opportunities for US  students to travel, intern or take part in an exchange or service learning programs. Institutions such as the Infosys Campus, CFTRI and Defense Food Research Lab attract  scientists from around the world

Both students and teachers have the  potential opportunity to learn collaboratively with their peers in Mysore's academic institutions.

Students and teachers can engage in short term or year long service programs in rural education. This can be done both through distance learning and on site learning.  For more information please contact us.

Education: Community


Cincinatians can take advantage of the many Yoga learning facilities in Mysore which is the home of Astanga Yoga.Vocational training schools are in great demand the world over. Training schools in our city such as Cincinnati State, can provide tremendous resources to Mysore..

Education:Community Ambassador


Cincinatians can be a community ambassador,t and travel with students or take part in a multicity tour in organized groups, be exposed to the rich history of the city and the diversity of India's cultures and history.

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