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Director Statement- Sudhanshu Sharma

"The subject, water depletion and struggles associated with it especially with regards to smaller farmers, can be a subject of alien proportions to a developed nation, but in India it is an omnipresent reality. Where some government statistics suggesting almost 90% of cultivated land belonging to small to very small farmers by the size of their piece of land. The whole nation prays for monsoon to be good as that is what governs the irrigation in India unlike any other developed nation, as the irrigation infrastructure, though getting better, is still in a primitive stage. So ironically, the God decides whether the year for a farmer and in turn of this nation is going to be good or not, not the efforts of a farmer! On top, the complex governmental procedures for largely illiterate farmer community coupled with corruption at grassroot levels and no proper mechanism to educate farmers on these matters make conditions even worse.

Making of Kalichaat was more out of an urge to get this common issue addressed more emphatically than for any professional gain, more like doing my bit in my capacity for farmers of my land."

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