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Recent news​

P&G donates to a Mysore cause


P &G made generous donations to Pratham Mysore, an NGO involved in rural education.

New ideas about water


Jan 2013: Mr Biju George , interim director of Cincinnati water works is interested in looking at some of the issues that Mysore has regarding water and is now engaged in converations with the city.

Committee heads visit Mysore


December / January 2013 . Drs Apana and Kamath visit Mysore to set up student visits and have discussions in the area of student exchanges and water and waste management. The returned with a flag of India to be presented to the Parks Board. Please know that future Indian gettogethers can be had at the friend ship park pavillion through the sister city So contact us. The flag is flying high on friendship park.

Indian Flag comes to the city.


July: 15.  A flag hoisting ceremony was held on Sunday 15th July.  Mr Vishwanath, Honorable MP from India hoisted the flag of India at the Theodore Berry Friendship Park in Cincinnati and the occassion was honored with the presence of Commissioner Todd Portune and Council woman Laurie Quinlivan.

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