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Read the Film Submissions Rules and Terms

Below is a list of questions you may have during the submission process. Please read before submitting your film.

SUBMISSION FORM  (Click on the link)

1. How do I submit my film to the IFFCINCY Film Festival?

To submit your film to the IFFCINCY Film Festival, you will have to complete the online submissions form and include a streaming link to your film on the application. Please review the Rules and Terms carefully prior to completing the online entry form.

2. Can you mail or fax me a submissions form?

No. We accept only online applications.


3. What are the submissions deadlines and fees for the 2017 IFFC Film Festival?


SUBMISSIONS OPEN: February 25, 2017, 10am ET

EARLY ENTRY DEADLINE: April 27, 2017, 6pm ET - $00 per film

OFFICIAL ENTRY DEADLINE: May 15, 2017, 6pm ET - $50 per film

LATE ENTRY DEADLINE: June 15, 2017, 6pm ET - $50 per film

The Late Entry deadline is available only to those Features & Shorts completed after the Official Entry deadline and which have not been screened publicly or otherwise distributed anywhere at the time of submission. All submissions must be received by this deadline.


4. How can I pay the late submissions fee?

This year we are charging a fee only for late submissions. You must fill out the online submissions form first available at the link provided at the top of the page.  At the end of the form, you will be prompted to pay the fee. The payment prompt will be visible only after the deadline has passed. We accept payment by credit card (American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa). Please do not send checks, money orders, or cash.


5. Does it make a difference to which deadline I submit?

No. All submissions are processed and viewed in the same manner. The only difference is the submissions fees. We encourage you to submit as early as possible to avoid these fees.


6. If I have already completed the online submissions form, can I go back to edit information or to update my contact information or my film’s screening history?

Once you have completed and submitted the online form, you cannot go back to edit. If you need to change any information you have provided us with, you must email


7. Can I submit a film that is a work-in-progress?

Yes. If you send a work-in-progress (WIP) feature length film, you may update your streaming link with a new version as long as you email us at to notify us of the change. If the link or password changes at any time you must email or call to make the change or else risk forfeiting your submission. If the film is selected you must send us a complete, final exhibition copy before we screen it at the festival, as we do not exhibit works in progress at the festival.


8. Can I submit a trailer instead of a WIP or a completed film?

No. We will not be able to consider your film if you send in a trailer instead of a WIP or a completed film.


9. I submitted last year. Can I resubmit my film for this year’s festival?

You may resubmit if you have made significant changes to your film and meet the other eligibility requirements as outlined in the Rules and Terms. You will have to fill out the online form and pay the applicable submissions fee.


10. Do I have to obtain rights and clearances for the music or other copyrighted material included in my film?

At the time of submission, you are not yet required to obtain all rights and clearances. If your film is selected you must sign a release certifying that you have obtained all rights and clearances prior to exhibiting the film at the festival. Please review the Rules and Terms carefully.


11. Can I submit more than one film?

You may submit more than one film as long as each film meets the eligibility requirements. For each submission you will have to fill out a separate entry form and pay a separate fee.


12. What is your preferred format for submission?

All films must be submitted via a password protected streaming link. Our preference is Vimeo links; however, we can accept links to other streaming sites including your own site, an unlisted private YouTube, etc. as long as the link is not public. If you have any extenuating circumstances that prohibit you from making a streaming link of your film, please email us at


13. Is there a tracking number for submission?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email after submitting your online application with a submission number. Please reference this and the project title when inquiring about your project.



14. Is there an age restriction?

There is no age restriction for filmmakers, but the submitter must be at least 18 years of age.


15. Does premiere status matter?

All films submitted MUST maintain at least a Ohio premiere, meaning the film cannot have been exhibited publicly in the Ohio region prior to our festival. Priority is given to World premieres for features.  Refer to the AWARDS section in the entry Rules and Terms for more details.

16. Can I submit to IFFCincy if I’ve already submitted to other festivals and am still waiting to hear back?

Yes, submitting to other festivals does not negatively impact your submission at all! If you decide to accept an invitation for another festival that happens before IFFCincy 2017, we ask that you please email or call 1- 513 886 5817  so that we may update our records with your premiere status. If you are submitting to other festivals, we encourage you to submit to IFFCincy at the same time, rather than waiting to submit until you hear back from other festivals.

17. If I’ve been accepted to another festival but IFFCincy is my preferred festival premiere, can I check to see if my film is in the running?

Yes. Although we may not be able to offer you a definitive answer depending on the timeline, we will try to give you as much information as possible to inform your decision.

18. Could you let us know your criteria for choosing films.

a) We screen premieres of features, and short films made in and about the Indian subcontinent or it's people or made by Indians.

b) The film must have a compelling narrative or story.

c) Films will be rated on originality, likeability direction, structure,  performance, music/sound, cinematography.

d) Films competing for awards will be those that have not been premiered in the Ohio region.

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